Items of Information #1

“Photographs convert works of art into items of information. They do this by making parts and wholes equivalent…(P)hotography annihilates our sense of scale.”
—Susan Sontag, Boston Review, 1975

Each pixel of this 8dpi image was measure on a grayscale scale of 0-100%. This measurement was fed into Ansel Adams Zone System in order to assign it a number from 0-10, 0 being black and 10 being white. These zones were assigned a dimension: zone 0 = 1/2", zone 1= 1", zone 2 = 1 1/2", etc to zone 10 = 5". Then each pixel was built up according to it's dimensional zone. What resulted was a topographical map of a photograph that when viewed from a distance flattened itself into something like the original photograph.