Through materials and processes within and outside the discipline of photography, I worry the surface of the medium. Concerned with the photographic vernacular, I often take the mechanical information of an existing image to arrive at something that is fundamentally still a photograph, often through language, without its conventional forms. Pinholes and pixels arrive on the wall in 3-dimensions out of materials of wood, paint and plastic.

Formally trained in the basements and backrooms of custom black and white photo labs in San Francisco, I received my BA in Photography at San Francisco State University. That access to unfettered and free knowledge, materials and processes pushed the notion of experimentation, which ultimately led to my MFA in Combined Media from Hunter College, CUNY. In collaboration with three others, I formed an exhibition space in Chicago called The Guest Room Project. Pitting artist against artist in a monthly game show of curatorial collaboration, the space managed to gain widespread attention for it’s unusual Sunday openings and rigorous programming. My work has been shown in New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and Portland, OR.